Saturday, March 10, 2012

SmatPhone Consumer Behaviour: How Users are using the device & which is getting the most attention

Years ago, when smartphones were introduced to the market, they were promoted as devices to help the busy, on-the-go, business professional.  It was a tool primarily made available to access one’s email, calendar and contacts when away from the desk or travelling. Today, that is far from the case – they are integrated into the daily lives of all types of consumers, and Compete is tracking that changing behavior.

For starters, consumers’ primary usage of their smartphones is for reasons of personal productivity and entertainment. In fact, when asked how much time is spent on personal use (with the remaining being on business) 74% of smartphone owners indicated they are using their device primarily for personal reasons

The fact that over 1 in 5 smartphone owners would be interested in these top-5 is very promising for the mobile marketing industry, considering that it is still in its early stages.  Brands need to focus on engaging and driving behavior of these “early adopters” in order to help bring these concepts to mass market. 
Cosumers were most interested in receiving grocery coupons (36%), scanable barcodes (29%), offers to save and pursue at leisure (26%), movie theater offers (26%), and ads via SMS when going by a retailer with a promotion / coupon (21%).

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