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Mobile Opportunities


 Mobile works at a very personal level, allowing brands to develop an on- going dialogue with their customers to build brand loyalty
 Used for either branding or direct response
–Branding: full-screen interstitials, expandables, mobile video with pre-, mid-, post-roll or live event production, and original branded content in branded channels
–DR: mobile clubs, loyalty programs, mobile CRM, contests, sweepstakes, on-pack, retail POS, hook-ins to supply chain management system on retail level
 Integration of traditional and digital media
–Mobile marketing campaigns can be optimized and uniquely measured (via SMS) across all media formats – TV, print, OOH, online, mobile, etc.

Areas of opportunities

Internet Banners / Text links

-          Similarly to online advertising, purchase banners, textlinks, or pre-roll video to run across publishers’ mobile sites
-          Buying done at the site/publisher and network levels


Allows advertisers to:
-          Promote the brand and create an opportunity to interact with the audience 
-            SMS/MMS can also be integrated with other forms of digital media such as console gaming
-          Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns through response rates
-          Get instant response at points of interest and collect valuable customer data 

3rd Party Application Sponsorships

-          Reach a captivated audience of mobile consumers within trusted applications
-          Can choose applications and devices


-          5.2 million US mobile search users
-          Expected to grow to 56.3 million by 2013


Location-Based Services (LBS): utilize the geographical position of the mobile device
-          Location based maps of user’s current location, routing services to provide directions
-          Real time information about traffic conditions
-          Identification of particular points of interest based on user preferences
-          Interactive POS/POI: interactive screen on store front showing a 3D ‘virtual reality store’ and product promotions
-          Users can find out more about particular products, their functionality and their price
-          Can text a short code on their mobile to receive a discount voucher for any product promotions, to redeem when the shop reopens


-          Ability to conduct financial transactions using mobile devices
-          Currently, mobile content purchase and delivery mainly consists of the sale of ringtones, wallpapers, and games for mobile phones
-          Nokia is working to develop phones that will allow consumers to pay for items (or pay each other) via text messages or other cell phone applications, similar to Exxon Mobile’s Speedpass where consumers can “swipe ‘n’ go”

Proprietary Applications
Software programs that are downloaded installed and perform specific tasks on a mobile device
-          (Multi)media and entertainment
-          Games
-          Social networking
-          Productivity
-          Utilities
-          Education and reference


Choose target audience


-          Age
-          Gender
-          HH Income
-          Geography
-          Education
-          Presence of Children
-          Ethnicity
-          Marital Status

Content Categories:

-          Search & Directories
-          News & Finance
-          Entertainment
-          Mobile Communications
-          Premium Content & Downloads
-          Sports
-          Weather


-          Categories of high-propensity Individuals.
-          Based on mobile web browsing activity & premium mobile content purchase


-          Zip code, DMA, state, country
-          Location-based targeting
-          Target users based on their exact location and serve them ads for restaurants, attractions, stores, etc. in their nearby vicinity

Device Targeting

-          Target based on type of device as well as mobile carrier
Ex. Target only iPhone users

Custom Targeting

-          Many publishers can work with advertisers to provide a combination of traditional targeting options


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