Friday, March 2, 2012

Mobile Advertising : Major factors that influences the advertising

Mobile marketing and advertising has created plenty of opportunities to promote the products or services of any business. Nowadays, mobile as a new media channel offers a great reach that is highly relevant for the advertisers to target audiences.

This form of advertising can prove to be an effective medium for businesses. A range of influential factors exist in this movement. Hence, there is a great need for completely analyzing the factors that largely influence the consumers to accept mobile devices as an advertising medium.

Studies indicate that when compared to older generations, the younger people are more attracted towards mobile devices. 

The major factors that affect the use of mobile advertising include
  • Device, 
  • Interface, 
  • Purpose, 
  • Media, 
  • Content, 
  • Message 
  • Audience. 
Acceptance of mobile as an advertising medium among consumers is influenced by a wide range of factors that include
  •  Purpose
  •  Personalization
  •  Control
  •  Privacy
  •  Protection
  •  Usage
  •  specificity, psychological barriers and other regulations. 
When these factors that influence the consumer acceptance are analyzed properly, it will provide valuable insights about the role of mobile marketing and advertising in the near future. Quite a few non consumer centric variables exist, like advertising content and technology, when manipulated accordingly will create a positive response among the target audience.

So it is important for one to understand the consumers’ attitude towards mobile advertising and various factors influencing it, based on that a unique model can be defined and executed. 

One of the key elements for the success of a mobile advertising campaign is to understand both the user expectations as well as the differences in available mobile devices and keeping the users engaged in communication.

A good number of businesses are now experiencing success using mobile advertising and marketing as a tool, because of less competition as of now when compared to internet marketing.

Overall, mobile marketing is a great tool for lead generation and to build relationships with consumers if the so called factors that influence consumer acceptance are addressed properly.


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    Notice the "tap" in the title of those companies, that's what you're visitors will be doing!


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